Your definitive guide to Selling a home


1. Find your agent

There are lots of us out there, but you need to find an agent that you trust and who understands your needs. It’s a good idea to obtain a couple of valuations, in order to feel satisfied with the figure you decide to market your property for. A good agent will give you comparable evidence, and a confident take on the market’s current performance.

2. Present your house for viewings

It doesn’t need to be a drastic overhaul, but a few touches here and there can make a big difference to a buyer’s perception of your home. At Philip Baker Property, this is one of our bespoke offerings for our clients, and a complimentary service.

3. Hold viewings on your home

You may have times that you don’t want to be pressured with viewings, or you may want reassurance that a buyer will be offered an appointment whenever they need one. At Philip Baker Property we always make ourselves available for viewings - evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

4. Agree a sale

Congratulations, you have offers on your property! Ensure your estate agent has all the important facts that they need about your buyer, and have negotiated a sale you are pleased with. Key points would be your buyer’s affordability checks, their own position to proceed and any terms you need to be aware of. Once an offer has been accepted, it is respectful to remove the property from the open market and reserve it for your buyer.

5. Keep in touch

If/while you are searching for a property to move to, it is important that your agent keeps in communication with your buyer to ensure they don’t become unsure of your intentions to move. A weekly update to your agent is useful, to tell them what you have (or haven’t) seen - this can then be passed on to your buyers.

6. Bingo, You’re ready to move!

Maybe you have found your new home, and/or the chain is closed, so it’s time to get the ball rolling. This means instructing good, local solicitors to help you with your sale, and (if buying) purchase. Let us know if you need some good recommendations. You will also need to inform your lender if your are using a mortgage to make an onward purchase, so that your mortgage can be arranged.

7. Sit back and let the professionals handle the work

A huge part of a good estate agent’s job, is to help chase up the progression of the legal side of your sale and/or purchase. We make regular calls to all parties to ensure that things are running smoothly, and communicate updates to reassure you that everything is on track. While we need you to fill in your paperwork received from your solicitor promptly, we help with the nagging - we’re good at it!