WHAT is home staging?

The psychology of home staging works on the belief that MOST potential buyers want:

  1. Their next move to feel like a “step up”
  2. A fresh, clean start for their busy lives
  3. A property that hints at a lifestyle they aspire to

In order to present your home to appeal to your viewers, allowing them to visualise the above points, some work will need to be done in every home. It is important to look at your property objectively, taking away the emotional connections that you hold and looking at the house as apposed to your home. Home staging can range from rearranging furniture and de-personalising your home, to fixing of maintenance issues and larger scale works such as some redecoration. Essentially you can do as little or as much as you would like, or feel capable of doing, but the more you can do, the better the result. Just a small amount of effort and cost can help you to achieve BIG gains.

WHY should I stage my home for sale?

Home staging is a popular selling tool in the US but has not been widely used in the UK market in recent years due to the performance of the property market.


With the threat of “Brexit Bite” as well as a potential increase in interest rates, the South East and London markets have been affected by 1/5th of potential buyers dropping out of the buying pool, due to concerns about the economy and/or their personal finances.

In a slower market, home staging your property can help to give yourself a competitive edge - achieving a higher sales price in a shorter time. 


HOW can PBP Help me?

We are offering a complimentary home staging report prior to marketing your home. This is a free service, which will take under an hour for one of our agents to complete. We will give you a report with some recommended improvements - you can chose to do some or all of them. If you need help in implementing any of the changes you would like to make, we will be on hand with plenty of resources. We can also offer personalised packages, for a fee, whereby we manage the whole excercise for you.

Contact us today with any questions you might have!

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